Japanese Food Secrets

Discover the Secrets of Japanese Cuisine and Why it is so Healthy

Hello and welcome to JapaneseFoodSecrets.com.  Japanese cuisine is well known as healthy food, but you are wondering “why is it so healthy?” and “how can I cook Japanese food at home?”

Well, you will discover the secrets of Japanese cuisine here, through home cooking, ingredients and eating styles. Don’t worry, it doesn’t stop there. I’ll guide you on how you can adopt Japanese meals and snacks into your diet and create healthy eating habits for you and your family.

People often think of Japanese dishes as trendy health foods. But some people think only of sushi when they think of eating 'Japanese-style'.

If this is all you think Japanese foods are, then you are missing out!
Over the last 20 years while I have lived in Australia I have watched Japanese dishes become popular but I would say that the Japanese foods that have been introduced to the western world include only 10-20 % of what Japanese people eat.

There is so much more to Japanese cuisine that I am excited to share with you!

Are you seeking healthy alternative food? Yes, then great! I am here as your guide because I know it's not easy for you to learn about ethnic food, particularly food that is prepared with different techniques than what you are used to.

Japanese Food Secrets - healthy and delicious Japanese cuisine

Maybe you are struggling with Japanese cooking for different reasons

  • You don’t know where to start, how to cook Japanese food or what to eat?  
  • You can’t make tasty dishes. And you are starting to think “I am not a good cook” ---- wait! (Many Japanese cook books have been written by Japanese authors not living outside of Japan which means they don’t know how to write for a western audience.)
  • You can’t understand little things on recipes or there is not enough explanation of how to do it? ---- Because professionals don’t know what you do and don’t have in your kitchen and what your cooking skills are.
  • You don’t know what to buy products in the Asian food section in a supermarket or how to use them?
    If you want to know real healthy food, you have to look at people and what are they cooking and eating in their everyday life.

Meet Your Japanese Food Guide..

You can learn, from the inside out, from a Japanese person (me!) who has cooked and eaten Japanese food my whole life.

My name is Demi (Hidemi is my Japanese name) your mentor and guide. I’ve lived in Japan half of my life and other half in Australia.

When I immigrated to Australia (1981) Japanese ingredients were limited and 2.5 times more expensive than original price. But I discovered ways to cook great meals.  And I have endeavoured to cook through my life; raise kids, be a working mum, single mum and now semi retired.

I’m a living example of the golden age. I’m healthy, fit, great physically and look young. Those results come from eating healthy home-cooked meals for most of my life. I have the experience of cooking for my family and also professionally over many years. I love home style Japanese food so much that I ran a Japanese restaurant. There are some dishes that only home cooking can offer, that can’t be provided at restaurants.  

Now, I would like to pass my knowledge and techniques of Japanese home cooking that I’ve learned over 40 years and share them with you.

I’ll show you how to make healthy meals even though you have few Japanese ingredients in your pantry. And teach you ways to create tasty meals that serve on to your dinner or breakfast table. 

My focus is different to others who are teaching traditional Japanese food. My aim is; I really want you to cook at home and taste fabulous foods. With my combination of bringing up a family and my professional cooking experience I give you 'short cut cooking' rather than complex and complicated methods of cooking.

I like to call it “smart cooking! “
I write about ingredients that you can buy and cook.

This site specializes in Japanese home-style cooking and reveals the secrets of healthy Japanese cuisine.

Learn how to cook; vegetables, fish, meat, tofu, sushi and of course with plenty of recipes. Also learn about the Japanese diet, Japanese ingredients, Japanese tools, cooking courses...and more!

I recommend you to explore this site to find lots of great cooking ideas. Whatever you are looking for, your journey begins now!

Please share this site with your family and friends. I’m sure they will appreciate my useful cooking methods and tips.

Find our most popular healthy Japanese meal ideas and enjoy creating your own Japanese food today!