Which Way do you Prefer to be Cooking Tofu?    

If you're new to cooking tofu, you may be wondering 

How do I cook this soft watery Tofu?” 

How can I use Tofu for better tasting dishes?

cooking tofu - lots of ways to enjoy this nutritious food

You may have questions like; what type of tofu and tofu products can I use, and what are the different tofu cooking methods? 

Or perhaps you don’t know what types of tofu are available in the supermarket and what sort of dishes they are each suited to?

What is Tofu?

Perhaps you’ve never tried this unfamiliar but nutritious food. 

There are a few different types of tofu (firm and silken) as well as some other tofu products and ways to cook with them. 

Let me show you! 

Are you asking yourself..

  • How do I store tofu?
  • How long can I store it for?
  • How do I make delicious meal or side dishes? 

I have lots of tofu dishes and all the basics on how to keep and store tofu too. 

Did you know that you can eat raw tofu? Not too many people in the western world would be aware of this, but fresh tofu is often eaten in Japan and is the easiest and healthiest way to eat tofu. 

Okay, so let me show you more about cooking tofu and using it new and tasty ways…

Learning How to Cook Tofu    

Tofu has a very little flavour of its own. But as an important ingredient in Japanese cooking we have a wide variety of ways to enjoy this healthy food and make it flavoursome. 

fried tofu

Using Tofu in main dishes or side dishes 

  • stir-fried with vegetables with special sauce poured over rice
  • grill it and serve with miso or teriyaki sauce 
  • scramble it with seasoning and serve as side
  • deep fry and drizzle with special light sauce
  • add to a salad as a cool summer dish
  • stew fried Tofu cubes with beef and potato
  • barbecue it and eat with thick special sauce
  • cook with a soup or stew broth

Why are People so Fascinated with Cooking Tofu?

People have discovered the varied health benefits of tofu, as well as more and more of us are reducing the amount of meat in our diets and looking to stay trim and healthy. This has contributed to tofu becoming more popular in the western world as well as the fact that we have serious issues in developed nations with weight, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Tofu is great food for people who are trying to be more conscious about both their weight and health.  

These proteins are no doubt familiar to you; chicken, beef and pork but did you know that tofu is high in both protein and good fats. Tofu is also great when it comes to lowering your calorie intake.

When I was a child I remember eating tofu that was tasteless food and I didn’t like it. Once I found out as an adult there are health benefits in tofu then I start to eat more often but with a tasty twist. (Tofu is fairly bland that is good for babies. My daughter used tofu for baby food and her son loved it.)

I assure you that together we'll find a way to cook tofu that you'll love, whether it is raw, fried, marinated, stir fried or barbequed.

Find our most popular healthy Japanese meal ideas and enjoy creating your own Japanese food today!

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