Healthy Meal Ideas 

It's Easy with Japanese Cuisine

Congratulations! You are in search of healthy meal ideas after making up your mind to be healthier and eat a more balanced diet.

healthy meal ideas with japanese cuisine

But it’s not easy, there are so many choices of healthy foods and you may be a bit sick and tired of hearing the word 'healthy' everywhere.

How can you choose which meals or cuisine are right and healthy for you?

From my experience, Japanese foods make it easy to find healthy meal ideas for your everyday life

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the following..

"After I eat Japanese food I feel healthy and light."

You don’t need to become a vegetarian to be healthy. Eating Japanese foods is an easy way to learn how to choose healthy meals. 

It’s a good ideas to get advice from someone who knows all about healthy meal ideas. 

That is me.  

I have a healthy life, it’s great! I save money and time as well. I’ve kept the Japanese style eating that is based on a mix of Japanese food and western food. This is the reason I’m healthy but how exactly?

I don’t eat healthy all the time. I would say I eat about 70% healthy meals in my life. I eat Japanese, Australian and international food. I ate deep fried food when I was young to mid age. After age of 50 I prefer to eat more Japanese food because it is light, digests well and is tasty. Japanese cuisine has lots of vegetables that some other cuisines don’t have.

My choice of healthy eating is not short term but it doesn’t have strict rules either.

I give you the secret my way of healthy eating...

Eat healthy 70% of the time

  • When you have a busy working life---- it’s okay to pick up takeaway food occasionally. But try to choose healthy options or go to a shop making fresh meals.
  • You don’t know how to cook yet ---- it’s okay to buy food and assemble it to make healthy easy meals. Buy sushi rolls and cut it up to eat with salad or soup. Buying Japanese instant ramen noodles are an easy option that anyone can make tasty noodle soup for lunch or dinner. If you add chicken or beef and vegetable in noodle soup it becomes a perfect balanced meal.
  • You have money but a stressful work situation --- it’s okay to eat restaurant meals. Go for quality and healthy food. Japanese cuisine is the best option. Just relax and eat food consciously and with appreciation.
  • You are tight on money and need to cook meals all the time out of necessity. Just focus on making fresh food as often as you can. Buy cheap ingredients to make delicious meals. Restrict your cheap takeaway, soft drink, and sweets because these foods give no nutritional value. 

Some of you may have the challenge of learning more about cooking and nutrition to achieve your aim.

Why do I choose to eat healthy meals?

Why I’ve kept walking a healthy road, I could have gone down a different road which would be as easy as picking up unhealthy foods or indulging in fatty food and sweets.

The reason for eating healthy is; I wanted to fully live my life with a fun, active, happy attitude. My image of happy life is; living with purpose, and being both physically and mentally healthy until the end. That’s why I’m choosing healthy meals and providing you with healthy meal ideas too. 

If you consciously choose to eat healthy choice meals every day, I guarantee you to have healthy life in a future. Yes, it may take a bit of time, and won't succeed overnight.

That’s what is great about it. You don’t need to hurry or be 100% perfect. 

Your aim is to eat 70% perfect healthy meals in your life. That’s my advice.

Find our most popular healthy Japanese meal ideas and enjoy creating your own Japanese food today!

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