How to Cook Rice the Authentic Japanese Way

Finding the best 'how to cook rice' information can be difficult. Internet searches give you hundreds of different cooking methods for cooking rice, which can only make it more confusing. 

Japanese food lovers maybe unaware of how to cook Japanese rice correctly. Rice is a central ingredient in Japanese cuisine whether you use rice for sushi, a variety of rice dishes or eat rice with a main dish (meat, fish, vegetable). It’s crucial and your whole meal will change depending on how well you cook your rice.

Why is This Section So Special?

Well, it’s all about how to cook rice for Japanese food.

You may not realise that most of the information you will find from the internet relates to Indian, Chinese or Thai  styles of cooking rice. It is quite different to the Japanese way. 

how to cook rice for Japanese food

How To Cook Rice for Japanese Foods

That’s why I have created this section which focuses on cooking rice for Japanese food. It includes proper Japanese cooking methods for Japanese rice.

If you want to cook or make japanese food this is the best information you can find about rice whether you want to cook rice on the stove top or using a rice cooker. Also great tips on how to store rice, ways to eat japanese rice and different rice recipes. 

I'll also be adding recipes for tasty Japanese fried rice. Japanese curry rice that is quick and easy. This mild curry dish will become your children’s favourite meal! 

The Health Benefits of Rice

What are the benefits of eating rice? If you enjoy eating more Japanese foods including rice, you will become healthier than with a western diet. Yes, this is true, and I can’t wait to explain in more detail about it. 

People who are on a gluten-free diet can find it more challenging to eat a balanced diet.  The Japanese rice based diet is perfect for those people with gluten intolerance, and is fully of healthy balanced meals. Many people who have visited Japan have remarked to me about the wide variety of foods, and I know many of those foods are gluten free, and can be used as ideas for your daily meals.

Maybe you are looking for recipes for your rice diet meal plan and how to make rice based meals that help you to focus on weight loss. When you master cooking Japanese style rice you can eat Japanese meals more often. It’s a way for you to naturally lose weight and feel healthier from the inside. Win, win!!!!

Using a rice cooker is also a way to make a variety of meals easily :eg chicken rice, mix vegetable rice, mushroom rice, beans rice… I will give you helpful information on choosing and buying a small rice cooker.

I’m sure, After you learn how to cook rice properly you will be addicted to making Japanese food.

Cooking White Rice

How to cook white rice for Japanese food and enjoy perfect rice every time.

Perfect Sushi Rice

You can make your own sushi rolls with perfect sushi rice that you have prepared at home..

Find our most popular healthy Japanese meal ideas and enjoy creating your own Japanese food today!

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