Japanese Cooking Ingredients

If you are wanting to cook Japanese food you need just a few Japanese cooking ingredients to get you started.

As you become more comfortable with Japanese cuisine, you can gradually add more. For now here’s my tips on the basics!  

basic Japanese cooking ingredients

Japanese ingredients may be completely unfamiliar for you, that’s okay. 

People have asked many questions at my cooking demonstrations that proved this to me. I’m so used to using soy sauce using all the time.  But for you, perhaps soy sauce is a strange colour and salty taste. Well that is true. 

Have you heard of dashi, but are not sure what it is? 

It might be scary to use it for first time but when I explain about how it really adds wonderful flavour to Japanese cooking you'll see how easy it is to use for making delicious Japanese food. 

The Basics of Japanese Cooking

Rice, soy sauce, and miso these are the three basic ingredients you need to make Japanese food. It is impossible to imagine Japanese cuisine without them.

If you want to expand on these 3 basic ingredients you can also include;

  •  dashi, mirin, rice cooking wine, rice vinegar
  • tofu and tofu products have important role for getting protein.  (These days many people in the western world want to learn more about the ways to eat tofu.) 
  • noodles are popular in Japanese cuisine and there are a few different types- soba, udon, ramen, and somen. Many of these noodles are now available on supermarket shelves and are much healthier and more nutritious than 2 minute noodles!
  • many ingredients in Japanese cooking you will know; vegetables and others, but I will show you new ways of cooking and using them

I’ll also introduce you to other less known Japanese ingredients like;

  • Japanese mayonnaise
  • Japanese curry roux
  • panko
  • furikake
  • endamame
  • wakame
  • nori (seaweed)

Where to Buy Japanese Cooking Ingredients?

You can buy some items from your local supermarket, but also look for an Asian grocer in your area as they will stock harder to find ingredients. There are also online Asian shops that you can use, especially if you live in a remote location where some of these ingredients may be harder to find. 

I'll try to introduce these new ingredients as simply as possible that do not scare you off cooking, but rather have you excited about trying new recipes and flavours. 

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