Japanese Cooking is Great for Those who are Watching their Weight!

And Healthy Meals for Kids Too!

Japanese cooking is great for people who are watching their weight or wanting to have a healthy and low fat diet.


Japanese food is known as one of the healthiest styles of cooking in the world.  It’s low fat cooking which doesn’t use butter or cream cheese as well as only using small amounts of oil in most dishes. Japanese cuisine uses a great variety of vegetables that make for nutritiously balanced healthy meals.

Japanese cooking generally does not use spicy ingredients or strong flavours.  This suits children who are still developing their palate, are not suited eating hot chillis and spicy foods. We occasionally use ginger, seven spice (mild chilli) and wasabi to accent of the flavours of the food. 

How to Cook Japanese Food

fresh and healthy japanese cooking - shabu shabu

We use these main cooking methods and cooking techniques; grill, stir-fry, pan-fry, stew, boil, steam, deep-fry, hot pot (cook on a table).

Simple cooking methods bring out the best in the different foods. Each individual ingredient is prepared in different ways which are matched to the desired taste and texture of food. We serve dishes together therefore each dishes taste will complement the other dishes for a complete meal.

Yes, Japanese cooking does require some techniques and cutting skills for presentation because the preparation and cooking techniques all focus on the end product and how it will be served.

If you think or have heard  "cooking Japanese food is difficult" - it is a myth. 

One lady said to me "I love cooking. I learned and cooked all sort of cuisine except Japanese." I am here to assure you that anyone can learn how to cook Japanese food.  

Japanese Cooking and the Philosophy of Appreciation!

As a Japanese person I would like to give you my insider information. “How we cook, present and flavour Japanese dishes” are already in my blood. But “how to explain and teach Japanese cuisine” to you that is not easy. I had to re-think all areas of Japanese food then the result is that it fascinates me even more than before.

Neighbouring countries using the same ingredients for cooking so what is the difference in Japanese cuisine?  

We add art into Japanese cuisine.

If that’s so, you might say that the French also produce artistic food. But Japanese add one more thing “philosophy”. Just like in a tea ceremony and in Bonsai art. 

In cooking Japanese food we prepare the ingredients with respect and we cook food, present it and eat with appreciation. 

Healthy Japanese cuisine has been developed over a long period of time.

In Japanese history, Buddhism and Zen philosophy influenced the cooking in many ways. Simplicity and minimalism are example of that, and vegetarian food is very popular across Japan due to these influences. You can see Japanese vegetarian cooking on a daily basis in home meals. 

Rice plays an important role in Japanese cuisine, the taste of many main and side dishes are designed to match to rice. Rice was hard to grow old days therefore Japanese people respect food and nature. Nature brings ingredients. This one ingredient is the basis of many dishes that we eat. 

Why We Serve Small Portions

Japanese cookery aims for; “getting maximum result from minimum amount of ingredients”. 

It’s not only cooking and presenting small portions. If we eat the right amount of nutritious food they provide enough energy and nutrition for a healthy life. We only eat what we need for our body. This is where the small portions come from.

It’s not simple to understand the philosophy of Japanese food and culture as it has developed over several thousand years. Many chefs and people are fascinated with Japanese cuisine as they can enjoy the process for understanding a deeper meaning of life from Japanese food and cuisine. 

Why I Recommend Japanese Cuisine

The reason is; it’s low fat cooking that teaches you to cook small healthy portions, and nutritiously balanced dishes. I have cooked, eaten Japanese food all of my life and the result is that I have lived a truly healthy life.

I hope I inspire you to try easy Japanese cooking

Put the effort into food that interests you so that you can eat quality food and maintain your health at the same time.

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