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I hope you enjoy reading (and eating) as much I enjoy writing for you. All the latest posts are below...

An udon noodle recipe you can cook and it’s healthy.

This udon noodle recipe you will cook again and again. This traditional Japanese noodle soup is healthy and easy to cook.

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How to Cook White Rice for Japanese Food

Want to know how to cook white rice for Japanese food. Let Demi show you how..

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Learn How to Cook Rice The Japanese Way

If you want to learn how to cook rice for eating with Japanese food, then here's how whether you are cooking on the stove or with a rice cooker.

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Japanese Food Secrets

Come and learn some Japanese Food Secrets with your food coach and mentor, Demi, an experienced Japnese chef and mother.

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Japanese Cooking Is Great for Those who are Watching Their Weight

Japanese cooking is naturally healthy and low fat making it great for those who are watching their weight.

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How to make Tempura

Always wanted to learn how to make tempura? Now you can, let Demi guide you step by step..

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How to Make Sushi Rice Without Fail

Want to know how to make sushi rice without fail? Let our expert Demi show you..

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Quick Easy Healthy Meals

Looking for quick easy healthy meals? How about learning how to cook sea bass the Japanese way. It's delicious and quick..

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Easy Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

If you're in search of a quick and healthy chicken dish, you can't go past my easy teriyaki chicken recipe.

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Healthy Meal Ideas

Healthy meal ideas are easy to find within Japanese cuisine, and many of them are quick and simple to prepare.

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Sushi for Beginners

Just learning about sushi? Sushi for beginners gives you basic information on the types of sushi, ingredients used and how you can make sushi at home.

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Styles of Japanese Foods

There are many styles of Japanese foods from home cooking, street foods, traditional inn foods as well as restaurants.

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Basic Japanese Cooking Ingredients

If you want cook Japanese food then there are a couple of basic Japanese cooking ingredients that you need to have in your cupboard.

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Cooking Tofu

Interested in cooking tofu? I'll show a range of Japanese ways to eat and prepare tofu as a healthy and nutritious protein packed ingredient in your foods.

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Find our most popular healthy Japanese meal ideas and enjoy creating your own Japanese food today!