Learning How To Cook Japanese Style

More About My Love for Food and Cooking

Would you like to know more about learning how to cook Japanese food, and developing a passion for cooking?

Demi - Your Japanese food guide

Hi I'm Demi, your Japanese Food Guide.

I'd like to share with you more about my love for cooking and hopefully inspire and excite you about cooking Japanese food for you and your family!

The Seed was Sewn at an Early Age

I was raised in Japan on a farm, surrounded by fruit and vegetables. I used to watch and help my grandma cook. She used plenty of fresh vegetables to make different meals each day.  I watched her make noodles, snacks and desserts, the process of food being created from just flour as a starting point. My grandma had a great palate, and she passed that gift on to her family members.

We all enjoyed the foods at big family gatherings and feasts we had. I grew up with excellent eating habits. At the same time I learned all about fresh produce, and how the  seasons influence the taste of vegetables. I have practiced cooking from the age of 11.

Who Inspired Me in Learning How to Cook?

When I look back at my healthy life, there was an important person who turned my life forever. My high school teacher had passion about both food and teaching. She taught me basic cooking, cutting and nutrition and I learned about the balance of nutritious meals and practiced how to improve our meals.

One day I made a light sauce at the cooking class. The sauce took ordinary food to the next level. This experience inspired me, and at that moment I knew I wanted to make dishes like what other chefs made.

My teacher always said “Your family’s health Is in your hands. You need to know nutrition, it’s important. Whether you go to college or work, you will eat every day in your life.”
That’s true, and I still believe that healthy cooking is a truly important skill that we all need to have.

All the preparation I had with my grandma and teacher gave me the love of food and creativity that I get to share with you now through this website.

Create Nutritious Meals 365 Days a Year

I loved Australia, and at age 30 we emigrated here from Japan.
I’ve experienced Australian food and eating styles for many years.

My life has been spent mostly in two countries; eastern (Japan) and western (Australia), with about half of my life in each country. This gives me a unique perspective and view on health and food.

I have tried many different ways to introduce home cooking and healthy eating. Then one day I questioned myself as to, “why am I healthy?” I tracked down my childhood memories one by one. Finally I found the “secret” to healthy eating in Japanese food and I want pass it on to others now. That is why I have built this website.

From a food lover’s point of view I would like you to be able to learning how to cook Japanese food and to live a healthy life. I’ll share with you through this website what I’ve done and how I've always eaten nutritious Japanese cuisine for good health.

I am happy to be your Japanese Food Guide,


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