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Pan Fried Fish with Japanese Light Sauce

If you're looking for quick easy healthy meals, then you can't go past fish. I’ll show you how to cook sea bass in a simple healthy meal using  some  easy cooking techniques. 

No doubt you are familiar with ‘fish and chips’  from the local takeaway shop. Once you taste this tasty fish recipe you'll not only find the secret of healthy Japanese food but also now have a super healthy fish recipe you can use at any time instead of opting for takeaway. 

quick easy healthy meals - Japanese style sea bass

Often when you eat ‘fish and chips’ you might add tartare sauce which adds more fat to your food. By using Japanese ‘special light sauce’ in this recipe, there is no fat in it. Also, the taste will take you to next level, just like a restaurant meal. The addition of boiled rice and lots of vegetable make it a perfectly balanced healthy meal. 

Fish with Special Light Sauce

Serves 2


2 fish fillets - Sea Bass (approx 200g/fillet) (also can use snapper, trout, or salmon)

3 tablespoon plain flour

50ml vegetable oil

50mls light sauce - see ingredients below

Some cooked vegetables or salad on the side

Cooked rice

Garnish (optional) - cut ginger in small strips or cut eschallots (spring onions) in small strips

How to make light sauce

3 tablespoon water

1 tablespoon soy sauce

1 tablespoon Brown sugar

1 tablespoon Cooking wine or white wine

½ teaspoon dashi,  this is optional (to give the light sauce depth)

Boil all ingredients in a small saucepan for few minutes. (Tip: The remaining sauce can be used for other dishes e.g. meat or vegetables.)

Cooking Method


1. Cut Sea Bass to your desired size. Dust both sides of the fish with plain flour (Plain flour does two jobs. It seals the fish to not let juice out and it also helps the light soy sauce to coat the fish.)

Fresh sea bass, cut to size

2. Heat the frying pan on a medium heat.

3. Put enough oil in the bottom of the pan so it is about 3mm deep. 

4. Cook the fish for 3 minutes on one side, the colour of the fish (bottom side) will change from clear to white to give you an indication it is ready to turn. 

Japanese style fish recipe - sea bass with light sauce

5. Turn the fish and cook for a few more minutes. This will give a brown crispy outside. Remove the fish and place to one side.

6. Put fish on a paper towel to remove excess oil. (If you are not sure if the fish has cooked through or not, cut into the middle of the fish to check the colour).

7. Put plenty of vegetables and rice on a plate.                

8. Now serve the fish, pour the light sauce over the fish. Garnish with ginger and shallots (green onion strips) on the fish.


**TIP- when you eat this meal the ginger and shallots easily take you to next level and taste light and fresh. You can also make a tortilla wrap with this meal.

Now you can say, ‘I know how to cook Japanese Style fish.’ 

If you cook for friends this dish has the “WOW” factor! They will be surprised at the high quality of the food and flavours and that it tastes just like restaurant food. I have plenty more quick easy healthy meals to share with you that have delicious Japanese flavours.

There are many quick easy healthy meals at your finger tip, you just need to try them!

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