Sushi for Beginners - Everything You Need to Know

Giving you some basic information on sushi for beginners will help you understand; the different ingredients used in sushi, why sushi is such a great healthy food option and how you can easily make sushi at home (I promise it IS easy!).

You may have seen people at work or been among friends eating sushi but are a bit nervous about trying to make it for the first time. You’re not sure if you’ll like eating cold rice, or raw fish. Yes I know it can be daunting when you eat unfamiliar food for first time. It’s the same for everyone.

sushi for beginners - sushi rolls and nigiri sushi

What is Sushi and What is it Made From?

Sushi is one of Japans traditional foods. It is rice based and the rice is flavoured with a vinegar mixture and seasonings. The freshest seasonal ingredients are used for sushi and the chef's skillful preparation is an art in itself. It’s a pleasure to watch a sushi chef making sushi at the sushi bar. 

Sushi is simple yet delicious food and it is low fat and has other health benefits too. Eating super fresh fish and seafood with vinegared rice allow the tastes of the natural flavour each ingredient to be experienced. A touch of soy sauce and wasabi gives an extra taste sensation and little kick to all that is happening in your mouth.

Eating sushi allows you to experience the essence of Japanese cuisine. 

Are you Wondering why People Love Sushi?

Today sushi is a favourite, much loved by people and the popularity of sushi around the globe continues to grow. 

Interestingly Western culture has created many varieties of sushi some of which do not exist in Japan. For example; California rolls sushi originated in the United States.

What are the Sushi Types that you see in a Shop or Restaurant? 

There are many types of sushi but I’ll introduce two common categories of sushi for beginners here. 

  • Sushi rolls are a simple, easy to eat style sushi that gaining in popularity as a light lunch time food. Sushi roll types include single or mixed filling are middle of rice wrap with Nori (seaweed). Japanese people call it “Hosomaki” which is a thin roll that has only single filling.

    Sushi rolls are sometimes sold as half rolls or cut into small bite-size pieces. Cooked ingredients are used in sushi as well as vegetarian and ofcourse seafood options as well.

    Fillings used; fresh tuna, teriyaki chicken, shrimp tempura, cooked tuna, cucumber, avocado, tofu, mixed vegetable, vegetable and egg-(called “Futomaki” in Japanese), California, Philadelphia roll and so on.

  • Nigiri sushi is individual pieces of sushi shaped by hand with a bite of topping (see below). In Japanese Nigiri means “squeeze”.

    Nigir sushi (japanese call them Nigiri-zushi) are made by gently squeezing together bite-sized pieces of fish (or other ingredients) on shaped vinegared rice to give the different types of nigiri sushi that you can eat.

    Choosing different ingredients can create new types of nigiri sushi. Traditional Japanese sushi’s ingredients all depend on seasonality and the freshest ingredients available on the day. We only use super fresh fish and seafood for sushi. 

    Ingredients are; raw fish (salmon, tuna, sea bream, bonito), prawn, sweet shrimp, shellfish (scallop), squid, beef, vegetables, avocado, eggplant, eggs and so on.
nigiri sushi

But What if You Don't Like Raw Fish?

Don’t be afraid of eating sushi because you don’t want to eat (or prepare) raw fish. Cooked rolls sushi or vegetarian sushi are ideal for those trying sushi for the first time, or wanting to try making it at home.

I am providing basic information on sushi for beginners on sushi roll and nigiri sushi but each sushi shop or restaurant will have their own sushi menu. Ask chef or staff to get advice if you don’t know what to choose.

Sushi is a meal in itself however it can also be eaten with a simple vegetable side dish, seaweed salad or miso soup added to make a truly hearty meal.

I know sushi can become expensive to eat at a sushi bar or restaurant with your family. If you’re thinking about making it on your own. Good news! There are easy ways to make and eat sushi with your family. Yes, a sushi party is a good idea for family or among friends gathering. Definitely you will enjoy it!

This page is an introduction on sushi for beginners. 

I guess, you want know more information; how to make sushi rolls or easy sushi recipes. Please explore specific page that you are looking as I add new pages of feel free to request specific  information that you need. 

Find our most popular healthy Japanese meal ideas and enjoy creating your own Japanese food today!

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